Gwyn Ashton – Prohibition

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Prohibition captures Ashton in his finest rocking blues performance to date. He blends the essences of Mississippi, New Orleans and Texas blues, 60s surf, British 70s rock and no-holds-barred Australian kick-ass boogie. 
Every element of the blues is encapsulated here and played with amazing dexterity and power. Old Strats, Teles, National resonators, Fender tweed amps, fuzz boxes and his ancient Echoplex are driven to the extreme, guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating taste in guitar-led blues. 
Ashton dives and ducks from the wild frenetic slide guitar featured in the Rory Gallagher classic track Secret Agent to the gentle, graceful, emotional, soulful playing in his Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute Rest In Paradise. Each of the 12 tracks on Prohibition delivers a take-no-prisoners approach, with 11 self-penned titles. 
Chris Glen and Ted McKenna (Ian Gillan, Michael Schenker Group, Tear Gas and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band) accompany Ashton. Ted also played and recorded with Rory Gallagher from 1978 to 1981, the Greg Lake Band (with Gary Moore), Womack and Womack and Amos Garrett. Chris played with John Martyn. 
Don Airey, keys with Deep Purple, contributes piano and organ on Prohibition. Don has also recorded and performed with (amongst others) Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. 
Glaswegian singer Liz McLaughlin provides backing vocals, along with Chris, Ted and Gwyn.

Track Listing:
1. Ball and Chain - 6:25   2. Ain't My Style - 3:45   3. Get Up, Get Over It - 4:02   4. Prohibition - 5:13   5. The Road Is My Religion - 5:05   6. Secret Agent - 5:55   7. Come On/Don't Walk, Run! - 4:01   8. Castaway - 3:37   9. Back to You - 3:57   10. Are You Lonely - 4:22   11. Guitar Town - 4:08   12. Rest in Paradise (For Stevie) - 8:09

Gwyn Ashton (vocals, guitar, electric sitar, harmonica) , Chris Glen (bass, backing vocals, cymbal crash) , Ted McKenna (drums, backing vocals, percussion)

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