Fruteland Jackson – I Claim Nothing But The Blues


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"My respect for Fruteland Jackson is very high. He and my boy Alvin (Youngblood Hart) is the future sound of true acoustic blues. And you can quote me anytime. " - Henry "Mule" Townsend

"Fruteland is an intelligent young man, a young bluesman, good musician and good guitar player. We toured together on the road." - David "Honeyboy" Edwards

"Fruteland has his own style.... He will be one of the great ones of our times." - Jimmie Lee Robinson

"With [this] album, Fruteland Jackson takes his place among the new generation of African-American acoustic blues musicians breathing new life into the venerable genre." - The Montreal Gazette, Thursday, March 2, 2000

"His contemporisation of lyrics while maintaining the musical worthiness of acoustic blues has become his trademark. . . His music is obviously engaging, supremely tailored and a fitting tribute to his mentors within the genre. . . The future of the blues!" - Blueprint, U.K., April 2000

"Jackson has a strong virile voice and is a fine picker . . . An album of well-crafted songs . . . A hugely enjoyable CD, a sure-fire winner." - Blues & Rhythm

Track Listing:
1. It's a Bad Night to Be a Stray Dog - 4:33   2. Is That Your Real Name? - 3:35   3. Titanic Blues - 5:43   4. Where's My Daddy? - 7:17   5. Dragon Lady Blues - 3:40   6. Pearlie's Blues - 5:30   7. Mango Bango - 4:25   8. Java Josephine 4:48   9. Can't Be Yo' Man - 3:13   10. Goin' Down to King Biscuit - 4:51   11. Alligator Blues - 6:07

Fruteland Jackson (vocals, guitar) , Ken Whiteley (mandolin, tenor banjo, National slide guitar, piano, jug, washboard, percussion, backing vocals) , Tyler Yarema (piano, backing vocals) , Michael Pickett (harmonica, backing vocals)

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