Dave Travis – A Man At His Best



Though Dave Travis got early tastes of Punk and Psychadelia, his current release of "A Man At His Best", exemplifies a singer/songwriter who has been where he writes about and witnessed what he has written about. He is one of those gifted individuals with the agility to capture a narrative and translate it into the universal language of music. Dave Travis has earned his right of passage in the music business as a renowned mastering engineer within the Los Angeles recording community. Dave Travis, obsessed to be free; yet drawing the hard line; is, "A Man At His Best". Sadly, this artist passed away in September of 2008.

Track Listing:
1. Fast Martha - 4:56   2. A Man At His Best - 4:15   3. Destiny - 4:50   4. Fire of The Sun - 5:29   5. Faith Heritage - 2:39   6. Drawn To The Storm - 5:32   7. Hoochie Mama - 3:30   8. Green River Waltz - 5:29   9. The King And The Beat Boys - 4:09   10. Livin' In Babylon - 5:21   11. Angels Over Manhattan - 5:06

Dave Travis (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass) , Paul Glawson (drums, percussion, guitar, bass)