Damon Smith – A Fresh Harvest From Old Seeds


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Damon Smith is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, music producer, instrumentalist, filmmaker, and performer based in Melbourne. With his whiskey-smooth voice, virtuosic piano skills, and magnetic presence, Smith channels the likes of Dr. John, Nina Simone, and Harry Connick Jr. to deliver a dynamic and unforgettable live show.

Damon has performed at theatres, pubs, clubs, and festivals across Australia and internationally, earning standing ovations and rave reviews. His songs have been featured on television, in films, and on the radio, and he has released several albums across multiple genres. In 2022, Smith’s album Skeletons Skeletons Skeletons debuted at #2 on the Australian Blues and Roots charts, earning a Music Victoria Award nomination, and winning the MBAS Chris Wilson Award. 

Track Listing:
1. The Caveman of Yore and the So-Called Woke - 2:43   2. Push Right Through - 3:11   3. Call Up Dad - 3:41   4. I Broke Your Heart Darlin' - 1:43   5. The Sun And The Moon – 3:35   6. So From Now - 3:59   7. Falling Out Of Love - 3:28   8. Lucky Old Sun - 3:10   9. Trauma From The Old Days  - 3:33   10. Unsane - 4:37   11. No More Fun - 3:12

Damon Smith (vocals, piano, guitar) , Trent McKenzie (bass) , Adam Coad (drums)