Brenda Taylor & Her Chicago Blues Band – Buggy Ride


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Brenda Taylor was the daughter of the Chicago Blues legend Eddie ‘Big Town Playboy’ Taylor and Vera Taylor.
The oldest of six children, Brenda was raised surrounded by the blues and coached by her father up until his passing in 1985.
Eddie was as versatile a blues guitarist as anyone could ever hope to encounter. His style was deeply rooted in Delta tradition, but he could snap off a modern funk-tinged groove just as convincingly as a straight shuffle. Taking up the guitar himself in 1936, he witnessed the likes of Robert Johnson and Charley Patton as a youngster and performed alongside the likes of Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker. Keeping the family legacy alive, she toured the blues circuit with her siblings.
On her debut release, Buggy Ride,  Brenda  is joined by , Illinois Slim, Freddie Dixon, Harmonica Hinds alongside her brothers Tim and Eddie Taylor Jr. Taylor Jr, who passed in 2019, released six studio albums through Wolf, and worked with the likes of Buddy Guy, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and Billy Gibbons.
Featuring both traditional blues tracks mixed with modern songs, the album is a fitting tribute to her  rich family heritage.

Track Listing:
1. Sweet Home Chicago - 4:25 -   2.  I Found Out – 4:27 -   3.  Mama Talk To Your Son – 4:17   4.  Better Look Out for Me – 3:05   5.  I’m Good – 3:25   6. Help Me – 4:40   7.  I’m Movin’ On – 4:20   8. All Your Love – 2:44   9.  Baby, What You Want Me To Do - 4:04   10. I Feel So Bad - 4:18   11. Smooth Ridin’ Buggy – 3:45   12. You Don’t Treat Me Right - 3:40


Nacida a finales de 1960, Brenda Taylor es la hija mayor de Eddie “Big-Town Playboy” Taylor y Vera Taylor. Desde su más tierna infancia y juventud, Brenda era una auténtica fan de su padre y se pasaba los días y las noches viéndole tocar. A medida que fue creciendo Brenda se dio cuenta de la gran importancia y de la enorme contribución que su padre había transmitido a dos generaciones diferentes de músicos de blues de Chicago. Después de la muerte de su padre, en diciembre de 1985, tanto Brenda como su madre Vera decidieron mantener vivo el recuerdo y el legado de Eddie, además de educar a los siete hijos que el matrimonio había tenido. Vera falleció en noviembre de 1999 y desde entonces tanto Brenda como sus hermanos siguen manteniendo vivo el recuerdo del gran Eddie “Big-Town Playboy” Taylor. Brenda inició una carrera musical hace ya tiempo, aunque éste es su primer cd en solitario en el que ha contado con dos de sus hermanos, Tim y Eddie Taylor Jr., además de Illinois Slim, Freddie Dickson y Harmonica Hinds. Son un total de doce temas en el más estricto estilo del genuino blues de Chicago, con versiones de canciones de Willie Dixon, Bonnie Lee, J.B. Lenoir, Robert Johnson, Jimmy Reed, más dos temas, uno de su padre y otro de su madre Vera, así como cuatro firmados por la propia Brenda Taylor. MUY BUENO. 

Born at the end of 1960, Brenda Taylor is the eldest daughter of Eddie "Big-Town Playboy" Taylor and Vera Taylor. From her earliest childhood and youth years, Brenda became her father’s greatest fan and spent days and nights watching and listening him play. As she became older Brenda realized the huge importance and the enormous contribution her father did in two different generations of Chicago blues musicians. After her father's death in December 1985, both Brenda and her mother Vera decided to keep Eddie's memory and legacy alive, as well as raising the couple seven children. Vera passed away in November 1999 and since then on, both Brenda and the rest of her brothers work together to keep alive the memory of the great Eddie "Big-Town Playboy" Taylor. Brenda began a musical career quite a long time ago, although this is her first solo recording, where she has counted with two of her brothers, Tim and Eddie Taylor Jr., as well as Illinois Slim, Freddie Dickson and Harmonica Hinds. Twelve songs in the most strict style of genuine Chicago blues, with covers of songs coming from Willie Dixon, Bonnie Lee, J.B. Lenoir, Robert Johnson or Jimmy Reed, plus two songs, one by his father and another coming from his mother Vera, as well as four Brenda Taylor’s own compositions. VERY GOOD.