Bjorn Berge – Fretwork

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Who would have thought the Man from the North was a highly sensitive soul ? This is the major revelation from the Norwegian bluesman¹s 10th album. Throughout Fretwork, Bjørn Berge reveals a hidden side of his artistic personality that is both intimate and mature. Whereas his guitar remains as quick and forceful as ever, this highly personal set (most of the songs here bear his signature) provides his fans with a fine mix of folk ballads and strong blues tunes. Fretwork was produced by Bjørn Berge and Kjetil Ulland, with additional help from two Berge compatriots, Oyvind Staveland (violin and alto) and Vidar Johnsen (vocals). The combination of Bjørn¹s playing and Oyvin¹s violin gives some of the compositions on this album an atmospheric feel that will alter lastingly our perception of the Viking guitarist.

Track Listing:
1. Crazy Times - 3:29   2. These Streets - 4:31   3. Fretwork - 4:16   4. Drifting Blues - 5:16   5. Zebra - 3:21   6. Skijumper - 3:10   7. Killing Floor - 3:11   8. Endless - 3:22   9. Mountain Boogie - 4:38   10. Travelling Song - 4:21   11. You're So Fine - 4:50   12. Paris - 4:01

Bjorn Berge 'vocals, guitars, footstomp, percussion) , Oyvind Staveland (viola, violin) , Vidar Johnssen (backing vocals on 5) , Kjetil Ulland (percussion on 1,5)

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