Barrelhouse Chuck – Got My Eyes On You


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Barrelhouse Chuck leads an all-star blues band which includes premier harp player and Fabulous Thunderbird’s member Kim Wilson; long-time Muddy Waters rhythm section members Willie “Big Eyes” Smith on drums and Calvin “Fuzz” Jones on bass; and talented guitarists Joel Foy and Eddie Taylor, Jr. This band smokes as Chuck pays tribute to his mentors and heroes Sunnyland Slim, Little Brother Montgomery, Floyd Jones, Detroit Jr., Memphis Slim, Big Moose Walker, Smokey Smothers, Eddie Taylor, and Muddy Waters. Barrelhouse Chuck’s music continues the Chicago blues piano tradition!

Track Listing:
1. Floyd's Blues - 3:28   2. Call My Job - 2:51   3. Got My Eyes on You - 4:01   4. Mother Earth - 4:10   5. Cleo's Mood - 5:19   6. It's You Baby - 3:21   7. School Days - 4:40   8. The Bright Sounds of Big Moose - 3:20   9. Just to Be with You - 3:59   10. Big Town Playboy - 4:12   11. Red River Rumba - 4:09   12. Mama You Don't Mean Me No Good - 3:10   13. Iza Mae - 1:31

Barrelhouse Chuck (piano) , Kim Wilson (harp, backing vocals) , Joel Foy / Eddie Taylor Jr. (guitars) , Calvin "Fuzz" Jones (bass) , Willie "Big Eyes" Smith (drums)


1. Living Blues - Justin O'Brien, , Sep/Oct 2006
Opening with Barrelhouse Chuck's thundering piano chords and Kim Wilson's thrilling panther squall harmonica, this terrific set rocks like the best Chicago recordings of the 50's. …Got My Eyes on You is the rare Barrelhouse recording to have one tight unit and a uniform sound. The crackerjack ensemble includes Kim Wilson on harp, Eddie Taylor Jr. and Joel Foy on guitars, and Muddy Waters' former rhythm mates Calvin Jones and Willie Smith. … it could be argued that much of this set is an homage to the great Sunnyland, who played on the originals of many of these selections. There may still be a few piano players playing blues like this, but none with the heart and stamina and the breadth of styles – learned directly from the masters – of Barrelhouse Chuck. No one's done his homework quite like Chuck, and unfortunately, no one ever can again.

About the Artist
Barrelhouse Chuck has been playing piano professionally for more than twenty-five years. As a young man living in Florida, he opened shows for Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, and B.B. King. Since moving to Chicago, he established himself as the consummate band player. He has recorded for more than fifteen labels and performed at the Chicago Blues Festival over ten times. On The Sirens Records, Barrelhouse Chuck played solo at the jam session captured on “8 Hands on 88 Keys” and he also recorded his own title “Prescription for the Blues”. Both of these recordings demonstrate Chuck’s deep and genuine blues piano style with rapid-fire riffs in the right hand: he has received critical acclaim from The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, DownBeat, Cadence, Living Blues, and Blues Revue.

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