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Willie Murphy

Mr. Mature


Willie Murphy has been writing, performing, recording and producing Blues/R&B music for over 30 years. His 1969 collaboration with folk/blues…

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Bill Deraime

Plus la peine de frimer

Track Listing:A 1. Hélène – 4:40 2. Plus La Peine De Frimer – 4:48 3. Geraldine – 4:20 4. Faut…

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Burning Water

Track Listing: 1. Burning Water   2. Dream Out, Dream In   3. Slave To My Passion   4. Sister…

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Jackie Verdell

Lay My Burden Down

Jackie Verdell became a member of The Davis Sisters who recorded Gospel for Savoy Records in 1955, stayed until 1960,…

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Leapin’ On Lennox


Track Listing: A. Titus Turner: 1. Please Baby – 3:00   Red Saunders: 2. Hey Bartender – 2:24   Big…

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B.B. King & His Orchestra

Bim Bam / John Lee Hooker

Shake, Holler & Run

7″ vinyl

Track Listing: A. 1. B.B. King & His Orchestra – Bim Bam B. 1. John Lee Hooker – Shake, Holler…

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Doug Sahm

Texas Road Runner

The Renner Sides 1961-64


Track Listing: A. 1. Makes No Difference – 2:36   2. Big Hat – 2:48   3. Crazy Crazy Feelin’…

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A Taste Of Harp


Track Listing: A. The Right Kind: 1. You Oughta Slow Dance Baby – 3:10   Big John Wrencher: 2. Tell…

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