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Classic Chicago Blues

Live Unissued feat. Bonnie Lee, Nick Holt and Earl Howell with John Primer on guitar

Available November 20th  After the great LIVE CDs by Magic Slim (CD 120.830) and John Primer (CD 120.833) we have…

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Harmonica Shah with Jack De Keyzer and Julian Fauth

If You Live To Get Old, You Will Understand

After a busy Summer performing at John’s Carpet House in the Motor City and a memorable performances at the Pennsylvania…

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VIc Juris


Vic Juris is hailed as one of the premier guitarists of the 21st Century with an undeniable command of the…

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Stanley Cowell

Reminiscent + A Xmas Suite

‘Reminiscent’ includes a featured program of Christmas melodies (“A Xmas Suite”) as well as Stanley Cowell originals and compositions by…

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Chris Byars

Two Fives

Award-winning saxophonist/composer Chris Byars divides his artistic focus between development of original material and studying the vast repertoire of jazz…

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Stephen Riley & Peter Zak

Haunted Heart

Saxophonist Stephen Riley’s distinctive breathy tone and imaginative phrasing have attracted a good size followers in jazz listeners, musicians and…

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Marcus Printup

Young Bloods

Trumpeter Marcus Printup rounded up a choice selection of young prize winning new talents to form this sextet. Printup, though…

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Bo Weavil & Band

A Son Of Pride

Mathieu Fromont is a multi-instrumentalist, multiskilled producer and arranger who has been working regularly since 1994 and is rightly regarded…

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Leadfoot Rivet

Southern Echoes

Outstanding record after astounding record, Leadfoot RIVET is paving his own way to a very unique spot in the blues,…

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Mississippi Blues – Another Journey – 1929



Mississippi blues? Just listening to the diversity here shows  a defining image is impossible. But one distinguishing feature of blues…

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