Various – Blues Meets Doo-Wop – Vol. 2


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Artists of both Doo Wop and The Blues genres passed along the same corridors of recording studios and record labels, in addition to sharing the same backing musicians when required. With this latest collection of albums, Koko Mojo brings together said genres where blues communicates directly with doo-wop to present this version of historical events. Look no further than an amalgamated collection of the two styles coming together with Champion Jack Dupree (recorded under different moniker Lightning Junior) with The Empires and 'Somebody Changed The Lock', The Evergreens' 'Guitar Player', or the classic Bo Diddley & The Teardrops track 'I'm Sorry'.

Track Listing:
Champion Jack Dupree with The Empires: 1. Somebody Changed The Lock -   The Diablos featuring Nolan Strong: 2. Jump, Shake & Move -   Johnny Darrow: 3. Don't Start Me Talking -   Lee Roy Little: 4. Hurry Baby, Please Come Home -   The Evergreens: 5. Guitar Player -   The Big Three Trio: 6. Reno Blues -   The Royal Jokers: 7. I Don't Like You That Much -   Baby Washington: 8. Congratulations Honey -   Bob Landers with The Cough Drops: 9. Cherokee Dance -   Jimmy Witherspoon with The Quintones: 10. My Girl Ivy -   The Dells: 11. I Wanna Go Home -   Eddie King with The 3 Queens: 12. Love You Baby -   The Ravens: 13. Bye Bye Baby Blues -   The Peacheroos with Clarence Gatemouth Brown: 14. Be Bop Baby -   Eddie Boyd with The Daylighters: 15. Come On Home -   John Bullard: 16. Mary Lou -   Tampa Red: 17. Since Baby Been Gone -   The Tibbs Brothers: 18. (Wake Up) Miss Rip Van Winkle -   Bo Diddley with The Teardrops: 19. I’m Sorry -   Lloyd Sims: 20. I Want To Know -   Phil Flowers: 21. Walkin' -   The Marathons: 22. Talkin' Trash -   Little Eddie Mint: 23. Bring Yourself Back Here -   Manzie Harris: 24. Cryin’ And Sighin' -   The Enchanters: 25. Housewife Blues -   The Falcons: 26. Sent Up -   The Robins: 27. If It's So Baby -   The Five Breezes with Willie Dixon: 28. My Buddy Blues -

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