Marcia Devine And The Short Fuse Blues Band – A Little Good News


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Marcia Devine and The Short Fuse Blues Band play sophisticated blues, penned mostly by the Devine Ms. M herself, while the well-balanced Fuse is in step with Devine every inch of the way. When the sax or piano is in the spotlight, the music tends to take on a New Orleans flavor, but a variety of styles are carried out here with great precision. Marcia invests a full measure of personality into her vocal performances, whether the tune is sultry, hip, or focuses on a smoldering, after-hours feel. She is a passionate powerhouse vocalist, prolific songwriter and a dynamic performer. She will rock you, make you laugh and cry, all at the same time. This one comes highly recommended.

Track Listing:
1.Don't Need No Man -   2. I May Be A Fool -   3. Can't Help Myself -   4. Lonesome Heartache -   5. A Little Good News -   6. Had My Fill -   7. Power of Love -   8. Don't Be No Fool -   9. Ain't Got The Time -   10. Little By Bit -   11. Finally -   12. No Information - 

Marcia Devine (vocals) , Steve Devine (guitar) , Brent Paul (Sax) , Brian Cuttler (drums) , Matt Triss (bass) , Bob Camacho (keyboards) , Dave Selach (harp) ,