Larry Garner – Born To Sang The Blues – DVD

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The first DVD release on Larry Garner, the greatest blues artist of his generation. An amazing live set from the 1990's professionally shot and edited to the highest standards.
Larry Garner's live shows have an amazing reputation and rightly so. His rapport with the audience is legendary and he plays the deepest of blues but also has the contemporary edge and lyrics that reflect life today that attract a broad audience.

This DVD was originally shot by and is now put together by the Blues Archive, a group of professional film and TV people who wanted to capture the very thriving 1990's blues scene on video. This DVD is performance but it also has interviews and elements of documentary styles.

Track Listing:
1. Good Evening Everybody   2. Jook Joint Woman   3. The Preacher Man   4. Buster   5. The Road Of Life   6. That’s Alright   7. Had To Quit Drinking   8. Born To Sang The Blues   BONUS TRACK; 9. Soundcheck    10. Interview

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