You Slosh – Glorious Racket

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Track Listing:
1. The Break -   2. Time To Laugh -   3. Heartquake / Above Leaves -   4. Up In The Slosh -   5. When Worlds Collide -   6. Dust -   7. In The Corner -

Troy Donockley (electric guitar, low whistles, Uillean pipes, bouzouki, vocals) , Michael Gill (fiddle, bouzouki) , Pat Walker (drums) , Mike Harvey (bass) , Duncan Rayson / Martin Howe (keyboards)


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5.0 out of 5 stars - Glorious indeed! - By RockSteJ on 21 July 2007
Around 1989 I turned up at the Birkenhead Rock Club `Stairways' with my mate to be informed by the DJ that the world's first `Death-Folk' band would shortly be gracing their stage. This we obviously had to see! OK the `Death' part was greatly exaggerated by the DJ for comedic effect (Ho Ho!) but what we witnessed when `You Slosh' finally came on was something else. They were just class! So impressed were we that vinyl copies of 'Glorious Racket' were bought at the gig, accompanied by free `Mad Albert' poster and enamel badge. The `Slosh' chaps even signed the LP's for us. We saw them live a few more times after that but were gutted when they were no more. I am so chuffed to now own a CD version of `Glorious Racket' not having had a turntable for a long while. Ah .. the memories flood back, an extra track too! Troy appears to have done very well since his `Slosh' days but has obviously moved on and I doubt we'll ever get a reunion. If this CD will only ever be second best then I'm happy with that! Long live You Slosh!