Various – Hillbilly Deluxe


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The Atomicat exploration of Western Swing, Hillbilly Boogie and Honky Tonk music continues with Hillbilly Deluxe (ACCD041). The twenty-six recordings on this album are by white performers who absorbed Negro Boogie Woogie and adapted it to their Country intonations. The songs comprise of; tasty, rare, and often overlooked Hillbilly classics which were recorded between the late 1940s and the mid - 1950s. Apart from Joe Maphis these rural artists did not see fame beyond the boundaries of their homestead, and melodies of quality are guaranteed from these recordings. Tex Harper appears twice as a vocalist with Tommy Scott and His Ramblers and this hepped up Cowboy is the cat's meow, Billy Jack Wills and His Western Swing Band adapt the Tobacco Chewing saga into a mid-tempo Western dance classic. Eddie Noack was the featured vocalist for the troubled in mind R. D. Hendon and the only lady on the album Sunshine Sue, makes use of Cousin Joe Maphis skills. Two of the songs became internationally known by other artists, Reese Shipley wrote and recorded Catfish Boogie in a rural panache and Tennessee Ernie Ford recorded the hit version. Jimmy Short and The Silver Saddle Ranch Boys version of Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby was covered by many performers including; The York Brothers, Carl Perkins, and The Beatles. Our albums have; stunning design, are remastered for the best possible sound, and housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future!

Track Listing:
Jack Rowe and His Witchita Mountain Boys: 1. Bomb Bosh Boogie -   Johnny Daume and His Ozark Ridge Runners: 2. Boogie Woogie Blonde -   Tommy Scott and His Ramblers: 3. Dance With Her Henry -   Wally Fowler and His Georgia Clodhoppers: 4. Mountain Boogie -   Claudie Ham: 5. Fisherman’s Blues -   Tommy Scott and His Ramblers: 6. Jumpin' From Six To Six -   Bill Tutt: 7. Sixty Days -   Art Gunn and His Arizona Playboys: 8. Sugar Cane Boogie -   Pal Thibodeaux: 9. Port Arthur Boogie -   Billy Jack Wills & His Western Swing Band: 10. Tobacco Chewing Boogie -   Reese Shipley: 11. Catfish Boogie -   Cousin Joe Maphis and The Top Hands: 12. Lonesome Train Boogie -   Kelly West & His Friendly Country Boys: 13. Drive Slow Baby -   Jimmy Short & The Silver Saddle Ranch Boys: 14. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby -   Maple Hill Boys - Mickey & Slim: 15. Blue Boogie -   Leroy Jenkins and His Texas Showboys: 16. Too Fat Boogie -   R. D. Hendon and His Western Jamboree Cowboys: 17. Music Making Mama From Memphis -   Sunshine Sue and Her Rangers featuring Cousin Joe Maphis: 18. Barn Dance Boogie -   Tommy Mooney with Bobby Mooney And His Automobile Babies: 19. Bingo Boogie -   Corky Edminster and His Kans Corral Gang: 20. Twin Guitar Boogie -   Tommy Kizziah and His West Coast Ramblers: 21. Long Tom Boogie -   The Tennessee Haymakers: 22. Dub's Double Boogie -   "Smiling" Jerry Jericho: 23. Boogie Woogie Dance -   Jack Grant and His 7-V-4 Ranch Boys: 24. The Crawdad Hole -   Floyd And Lloyd - The Armstrong Twins: 25. Alabama Baby -   Tiny Stokes and The Frontiersmen: 26. Blackfoot Boogie –