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A radio-ballad about the psychology of pain by Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker & Peggy Seeger
Conceived as a documentary on the psychology of pain, The Body Blow focuses on five people partially or totally disabled by polio.

Track Listing:
1. Introduction - 2:47   2. What Day Did The World Stop Moving? - 7:26   3. Do You Recall How You Climbed The Mountains? - 4:13   4. Can't Breathe... - 6:12   5. I Often Think Back... - 2:53   6. The World Is A Bed... - 3:53   7. I Wasn't Afraid While I Was In The Lung... - 5:31   8. Well First Of All...Appreciate The Situation - 7:17   9. While There's Life, There's Hope... - 5:00   10. It's Goodbye Now... - 2:54   11. How Can I Do All The Small Things? - 5:16   12. Stronger Than Pain Is The Human Will To Survive... - 5:16   13. Closing Announcement / The Hidden Foe... - 1:46

Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger (the singers) , Alf Edwards (English concertina, ocarina) , ?Alfie Khan (flute, harmonica) , Brian Daly (guitar) , Peggy Seeger (guitar, 5-string banjo)

Script, song lyrics and music: Ewan MacColl
Orchestration and musical direction: Peggy Seeger 
Actuality recording: Charles Parker 
Production: Charles Parker
Programme prepared with the help of The Polio Research Fund


1. Time Out – Peter Raphides
‘The rhythmic nuances of the interviewees were built into MacColl’s melodies; while the merciless impact of the debilitating illness breathed foreboding into the songs of The Body Blow – an examination of the ‘psychology of pain’. From these sprang some of MacColl’s most beautiful music.

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