Popa Chubby – I’m Feeling Lucky – The Blues According To Popa Chubby – 2CD

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The one and only Popa Chubby, the big man of the blues, celebrates the 25th anniversary of his career this year, 1989 being the bull’s eye when the blues-rock guitarist blew like a hurricane across the tepid New York City blues scene with his own individual brand of blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll. True to form, Chubby is honoring the quarter-century mark of his career with a brand new album, I’m Feelin’ Lucky.

“It’s been 25 years and I’m still standing,” says Chubby in a press release for I’m Feelin’ Lucky. Recording the album at his home studio in the Hudson Valley, the guitarist is backed by a talented group of musicians including bassist Francesco Beccaro, keyboardist Dave Keys, and drummer Chris Reddan. Chubby enlisted the help of special guests Dana Fuchs (singer, songwriter, and actress) and Mike Zito (solo artist and former Royal Southern Brotherhood member) to contribute to a pair of songs on the album, which features some of what Chubby considers the best songwriting of his lengthy career. 

The songs on I’m Feelin’ Lucky range from the “baddass funk” of the title track to his personal favorite, “I’m A Pitbull (Nothin’ But Love).” He says “I’m a big dog lover. I have a little pitbull and I love him dearly. They’re a very misunderstood breed. I work with people at a pitbull rescue who work with these dogs and train them to be service dogs for veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a beautiful thing. There is not a more loyal, devoted and emotionally intuitive dog.”

In addition to the new album, Chubby is bringing his “Universal Breakdown Tour” to the West Coast for a number of shows, kicking off in Las Vegas with the Big Blues Bender at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. Below you'll find a list of tour dates and the track list for I’m Feelin’ Lucky, as well as a fourteen-minute trailer video for the new album.  

Track Listing:
1. Three Little Words - 5:12   2. I’m Feelin’ Lucky  - 3:59   3. Rock On Bluesman - featuring Mike Zito -  7:36   4. One Leg At A Time - 3:31    5. Rollin’ N’ Tumblin’ - 6:41   6. Come To Me - featuring Dana Fuchs - 6:12)   7. Save Your Own Life - 4:47   8. I’m A Pitbull (Nothing But Love) - 3:36   9. Too Much Information - 5:32   10. The Way It Is - 5:19

Track Listing CD Bonus - 25 Years
1. Elemental Time - 2:34 - Bloodclot   2. Smoke Break - 4:13 - Bloodclot   3. Video Venus - 4:07 - Noxcuse   4. My Relation - 2:23    5. Drop The Beat - 3:07 - Bloodclot   6. I Can't Fix You - 4:58   7. Mike The Cop - 3:23 - From City Opus with Joe Labelle   8. I'm Giving Up - 3:36   9. Steef Jam - 11:07   10. Popa Chubby Is An Old Ass Man - 5:48 - Popa Chubby and Street Docs

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