Lynwood Slim – Lost in America


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"Lost In America” is the perfect album - you will never get tired of listening to it. Jr. Watson on guitar is perfection; then pair it with Lynwood Slim's smooth voice and it doesn't get any better than this. The CD is a combination of west coast blues with of mixing of blues for Chicago. The mix of blues and (occasional) rockabilly is fun and this is one of the great releases of California blues from the 80's-90s. The song selection is great, while the supporting musicians make a significant contribution. "Lost In America" is just one of Slim's fantastic legacies.

Track Listing:
1. Tried to Call You - 3:50   2. Got to Change - 3:50   3. Atlanta Blues - 5:59   4. It's Obdacious - 2:38   5. Tell Me What I've Done - 5:48   6. I'm Tired - 4:10   7. Just Your Fool - 4:31   8. Ain't Enough Time - 4:20   9. Cried Last Night - 5:06   10. Take Me Where You Go - 3:06   11. Messin' with My Bread - 4:43

Lynwood Slim (vocals, harmonica) , Junior Watson / Kid Ramos / Joel Foy / Dave Gonzales (guitar) , Tyler Pederson / Larry Taylor / Thomas Yearsley ( bass) , Fred Kaplan (piano) , Brian Fahey / Rob Stupka (drums)

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