Lacy Gibson – Crying For My Baby


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This CD is an early effort by Lacy Gibson. "Crying For My Baby" is a session recorded in 1977 under the supervision of R&B patriarch Ralph Bass. We find Lacy showcasing various blues styles in a relaxed atmosphere, one which could be described as tastefully uncluttered. The disc kicks off in high gear with "You'd Better Be Sure"; Gibson's stinging (but not over-driven) guitar leads smoothly sailing over the shuffling beats. Lacy demonstrates with proficiency how to achieve the maximum from one's instrument without ever having to lean on volume or effects as a crutch. A nice solid effort from a classy Chicago blues-man and his backing cast of seasoned vets! He delivers the goods!

Track Listing
1. You Better Be Sure - 3:29   2. Easy Woman - 5:16   3. Crying for My Baby - 3:50   4. Chicago Women - 4:08   5. Blackjack - 6:01   6. CB Blues - 3:20   7. Pleading for Love - 3:25   8. Take My Love (I Want to Give It All to You) - 4:02   9. My Love Is Real - 4:32   10. Dirty Old Man - 3:54   11. Shake It Baby - 4:22 

Lacy Gibson (guitar, vocals) , Willie Black (bass) , Sunnyland Slim (piano) , Fred Below (drums) , Lee Jackson (guitar & vocals on 4,7,10)