Sal Salvador and his Colors in Sound Orchestra – Complete Recordings 1958-1964 – 2CD

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In 1958, Sal Salvador (1925-1999) was on constant call for free-lance studio work and performing regularly with his own quartet. Searching for new horizons, his Decca album 'Colors in Sound' was cut by a pilot model of the band he hoped to launch. All arrangements, by George Roumanis, were for a brass-packed band, without reeds (with colors added by French horn, tuba, and mellophone) over a strong rhythm section. The reaction to the album was such that Sal decided to book the band on a pick-up basis.
By the time his second Decca album 'The Beat for This Generation' was being recorded, he had developed a permanent band, including reeds, in part from Marshall Brown’s Newport Youth Band, augmented by some of the cream of the New York studio and jazz musicians, with startlingly good arrangements by George Roumanis and Larry Wilcox. Sal’s guitar was important as a solo voice and in setting the soundscape, leaving enough solo space for other band members.
Moving from Decca to Audio Fidelity’s Dauntless label, he recorded a third big band album, 'You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet,' with Larry Wilcox in charge of all the arrangements. He would be also responsible for one last single the band recorded in 1964 for Sal’s own, recently formed label Danbar Records.

Track Listing:

CD 1
1. Walkin’ Time (Salvador) - 3:46   2. For You, for Me, Forevermore (G.& I. Gershwin) - 3:34   3. What Is There to Say? (Duke-Harburg) - 2:36   4. Deep Down (Roumanis) - 2:59   5. Easy Living (Rainger-Robin) - 2:58   6. Yesterdays (Kern-Harbach) - 2:09   7. You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me (Fain-Norman-Kahal) - 4:42   8. Desert Fever (Roumanis) - 2:30   9. Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year (Frank Loesser) - 3:10   10. Periwinkle Blues (Salvador) - 3:10   11. You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To (Cole Porter) - 2:33   12. To Beat or Not to Beat (Roumanis) - 3:15   13. That Old Feeling (Brown-Fain) - 3:29   14. Satin Doll (Ellington) - 3:22   15. But Beautiful (Van Heusen-Burke) - 3:06   16. Venice Anyone (Wilcox) - 2:26   17. Secret Love (Webster-Fain) - 2:53   18. The Mad Pad (Hank Levy) - 3:11   19. I’m Glad There Is You (Dorsey-Madeira) - 2:46   20. Bleecker Street Blues (Wilcox) - 3:37   21. The Dancing Beat (Salvador) - 2:24   22. The Continental (Conrad-Magidson) - 2:50   23. I Concentrate On You (Cole Porter) - 3:16

CD 2
1. Space Walk (Salvador) - 2:34   2. Boato (Joao Roberto Kelly) - 3:03   3. On the Street Where You Live (Loewe-Lerner) - 3:19   4. The Song Is You (Kern-Hammerstein II) - 3:15   5. Shade Three (Wilcox) - 2:48   6. All the Things You Are (Kern-Hammerstein II) - 3:15   7. Blue March (Golson) - 3:00   8. The Old Gnu (Wilcox) - 3:31   9. Love You Are Here (Salvador) - 3:10   10. Ambulating (Wilcox) - 3:13   11. Another Page (Starling) - 1:36   12. Colors in Sound (Salvador) - 4:52   13. Turkish Taffy (Wilcox) - 2:20 *   14. Chuckles (Hanley-Masingill) - 2:22 *

(*) 45rpm bonus tracks

Sources CD 1:
Tracks #1-11, from the Decca album "Colors in Sound" (DL 79210)
Tracks #12-23, from the Decca album "The Beat for this Generation" (DL 74026)

Sources CD 2:
Tracks #1-12, from the Dauntless album "You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet!" (DS 6307)
Tracks #13-14, from the Danbar single D-222

Personnel in "Colors in Sound"
Sal Salvador & His Orchestra, arranged by George Roumanis
Ernie Royal, Jimmy Maxwell, Doc Severinsen, Foxy Corby, Joe Ferrante, Al Maiorca, John Frosk, Bill Hodges (tp); Frank Rehak, Eddie Bert (tb); David Amram (Frh); Bill Barber (tuba); Ray Starling (tp, mellophone); Sal Salvador (g); George Roumanis (b); Osie Johnson, Jimmy Campbell (d).
Recorded in New York City, April 21 (#3,6 & 11), April 23 (#1,2,4 & 5), April 28 (#7-10), 1958

Personnel in "The Beat for this Generation"
Sal Salvador & His Orchestra, arranged by Larry Wilcox George Roumanis, Hank Levy & Sal Salvador
Ernie Royal, Jimmy Maxwell, Doc Severinsen, Foxy Corby, Danny Styles, Jerry Kail, Charlie Kamey (tp); Jerry Tyree (flgh); Eddie Bert, Willie Dennis (tb); Ray Starling (mellophone); Vinnie Dean (as); Larry Wilcox, Mike Citron (ts); Jack Furlong (bs); Sal Salvador (g); John Bunch (p); Bucky Calla (b); Charlie Persip (d).
Recorded in New York City, January 25 (#14 & 16); 29 (#15,20-23); and February 1 (#12,13,17-19), 1960

Personnel in "You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet!"
Sal Salvador & His Orchestra, arranged by Larry Wilcox
Jerry Tyree, Jerry Kail, Burt Collins, Al Stewart (tp); Ray Starling, Dave Moser (mellophone); Roy Wiegand, Pete Vibona or Eddie Bert (tb); Andy Marsala (as); Charlie Mariano, Joe Farrell (ts); Nick Brignola (bs); Sal Salvador (g); Dave Frishberg (p); John Beal (b); Steve Little (d); Sheryl Easly (vcl on #3,9,11).
Recorded at Nola Studios, New York City, February 1963

Bonus tracks: Sal Salvador & His Orchestra
Arrangements by Larry Wilcox
Recorded in New York City, January/February 1964

Original recordings produced by Milt Gabler, Tom Wilson, and Sal Salvador

Decca photos: William Claxton & Don Brunjes
Dauntless design: Irving Sloane
Cover photo: Ray Ross
This CD compilation produced by Jordi Pujol