Matthew Shipp & Mark Helias – The New Syntax


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Matthew Shipp and Mark Helias, two outstanding artists, two great careers, the first time playing together!

Track Listing:
1. Mystic Rubber Band - 5:33   2. Psychic Ladder - 6:46   3. Acoustic Electric - 7:48   4. Bridge To Loka - 7:20   5. We Sing The Body Jazz - 7:50   6. The Mystic Garden - 6:09   7. The New Syntax - 8:02   8. Sonic Swing Particles - 5:09   9. Song For You - 3:59

Matthew Shipp (piano) , Mark Helias (double bass)

Recorded by Jim Clouse on July 8th 2020 at Park West Studios, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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