Jelly Roll Morton – Vol. 3

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Track Listing:
Jelly Roll Morton and His Red Hot Peppers: 1. Each Day - 2:55   2. If Someone Would Only Love Me - 3:38   3. That'll Never Do - 2:55   4. I'm Looking for a Little Bluebird - 2:51   5. Little Lawrence - 2:55   6. Harmony Blues - 3:29   7. Fussy Mabel - 3:17   8. Ponchatrain - 2:55   9. Oil Well - 2:40   10. Load of Coal (Load of Cole) - 2:59   11. Crazy Chords - 2:55   12. Primrose Stomp - 3:01   13. Low Gravy - 2:48   14. Strokin' Away - 2:58   15. Blue Blood Blues - 3:06   16. Mushmouth Shuffle - 2:47   17. Gambling Jack - 2:55   18. Fickle Fay Creep - 3:15


1. AllMusic - Ken Dryden
Jelly Roll Morton's recordings have been reissued in numerous formats and compilations over the decades since his death in 1942, but this volume in the five-disc series, remastered by the talented engineer John R.T. Davies is vastly superior in sound to other editions, because he managed to improve the sound without such heavy filtering that causes a loss of fidelity in higher frequencies. One other improvement is programming the songs by session, though breaking up alternate takes by placing them together on other discs in the series, so it isn't necessary for the listener to hear several songs plus their alternate versions back to back. Even on computer speakers, "Each Day" has remarkable fidelity, with the interplay of the band very clear. The loopy humor of "Fickle Fay Creep" has long made it a favorite with revivalists. The pianist is heard with several different groups in sessions six sessions recorded in 1930, with sideman including several former or future sidemen like Bubber Miley and Billy Taylor, along with trombonist Wilbur De Paris, clarinetist Albert Nicholas, drummer Cozy Cole, and others. The only complaint about this CD is the microscopic liner notes, which was evidently done to save the use of paper.

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