Flamin’ Groovies – Rock Juice

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Track Listing:
1. Way over My Head - 2:51   2. Sealed With a Kiss - 2:26   3. Hold on Me - 3:45   4. Somebody's Fool - 2:23   5. Stay Away - 3:42   6. I'm Only What You Want Me to Be - 2:46   7. Shakin' - 4:01   8. Give It Away - 4:00   9. Thanks John - 2:32   10. This Could Be the Night - 3:08   11. Ainsley's Song - 3:27   12. Little Girl - 2:58   13. When She's in Town - 2:16   14. Flyin' Saucer Rock & Roll - 2:00


1. AllMusic - Stewart Mason
Although many assumed the Flamin' Groovies broke up in 1979 after their last Sire album, they merely went into a prolonged hibernation, followed by an on-again, off-again career at a much more underground level. Their releases during the '80s were all repackages and live albums, making 1992's Rock Juice the group's first studio album of new material in 13 years. (Honestly, it's more of a duo album than a full band effort; Cyril Jordan and George Alexander are the only credited musicians.) The production is terrific; unlike the often too-slick Sire albums, singer/songwriter Jordan's self-production wisely avoids trying to gloss up his unashamedly retro tunes. However, as always with a Groovies album, the tunes are a pretty mixed bag. Jordan has always had a way with the tropes of the British Invasion, and he's got a knack for power poppy guitar hooks, but he's a very hit-or-miss songwriter, and only about half of these 11 original songs feature a particularly memorable melody or catchy chorus. The opening, "Way Over My Head," is definitely the highlight, with the jangly "Little Girl" close behind. The covers this time out include just-okay versions of "Sealed With a Kiss," "Flying Saucers Rock and Roll," and an excellent version of the classic "This Could Be the Night," the Phil Spector/Harry Nilsson collaboration that the Modern Folk Quartet sang in the opening montage of The Big TNT Show. Rock Juice is strictly for fans, but fans will appreciate it.