Various – The Ten Commandments Of Rock ‘N’ Roll – 8 – Do Not Commit Adultery The Cheeater


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A sweet little look at cheating in the world of early rock and soul music – served up here in a selection of 30 tracks that go way way past the tear-jerking tunes of the charts, and which also show that infidelity can be a pretty rocking subject as well! As with other volumes in this great series, the theme is even less important than the track selection – as there's a huge amount of material here we'd not heard before, even though we think we know this generation of music pretty darn well. 

Track Listing:
Charles Glass with Orchestra: 1. Screamin' And Dyin' (And Rollin' On The Floor) –   Larry Phillipson and The Larry Lee Trio: 2. Bitter Feelings -   Vince Riccio: 3. (Marie, Michele, Nanette) I Still Love You All -   Joyce Paul: 4. Baby, You've Had It -   Bobby De Soto: 5. The Cheater -   Del Shannon: 6. (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame -   Jerry Jaye: 7. How Could You Lose Your Trust In Me -   Little Caesar with Eddie Beal Orch.: 8. Who Slammed The Door -   Little Mummy: 9. Oh Baby Please -   Lou Josie and The Spinners: 10. Why Did You Leave Me -   The Checkers: 11. Can't Find My Sadie -   Rita Zell: 12. I Don’t Understand You No More -   Wilbert Harrison: 13. Cheatin' Baby -   Roy Rector: 14. Heard The Back Door Slam -   Lefty Frizzell: 15. Farther Than My Eyes Can See -   The Fabulous Silver Tones: 16. Hey Sally Mae -   Wynona Carr: 17. I'm Mad At You -   Ray Charles: 18. Bye Bye Love -   The Cadillacs, Jesse Powell Orch.: 19. Don’t Be Mad With My Heart -   Brenda Lee: 20. Here Comes That Feelin' -   Bob Vidone and The Rhythm Rockers: 21. Untrue -   Betty Amos: 22. Cheater Cheater -   Jackie Wilson: 23. (So Many) Cute Little Girls -   Glen Owens: 24. Got A Right To Cry -   Percy Welch and His House Rockers: 25. Back Door Man -   Denni Alan and The Dukes: 26. Turn-A-Bout Date -   Dion: 27. (I Was) Born To Cry -   Joe Boot and The Fabulous Winds: 28. That’s Tough -   Barbara Lynn: 29. Second Fiddle Girl -   Dave Rich: 30. Our Last Night Together -

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