Various – Rock And Roll Vixens # 1


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On our compilations you find hits and misses, but they are all dancefloor fillers and Movin' Shakin and for sure Rockin'. All songs have been carefully remastered and we cared about a smart eco friendly packaging, designed by award winning designer Gito Lima from Portugal. We dont care if you are a music expert, collector or just been introduced to this music by this record. We want you to enjoy the music, so we cared about sound,art and compilation only. You won't find liner notes cause we trust that you can use your computer or smartphone to find more information on the web if neccessary. All our Koko-Mojo releases contain only killers, we let others release the fillers. Enjoy!

Track Listing:
Jane Baker: 1. Boom De De Boom -   Betty James: 2. I'm A Little Mixed Up -   Christine Chatman, Peppy Prince & Orchestra: 3. Ain't Nothin' Shaking -   Little Esther: 4. The Deacon Moves In -   Lulu Reed: 5. Watch Dog -   The Bobbettes: 6. Um Bow Bow -   Jay Duvalle: 7. Matchbox, I'm Gonna Forget About You -   Juanita Nixon: 8. Stop Knockin' -   Dolly Cooper: 9. My Man -   The Cookies: 10. Don't Say Nothing Bad (About My Baby) -   Baby Washington: 11. No Tears -   Mickey & Sylvia: 12. No Good Lover -   Betty And Dupree: 13. If It Ain't One Thing -   The Teen Queens: 14. Let’s Kiss -   Gladys Patrick: 15. Unchain My Heart -   Etta James: 16. Somethings Gotta Hold Of Me -   Helen Bryant: 17. That's A Promise -   Jesse Powell Orchestra with Fluffy Hunter: 18. My Natch'l Man -   Lil Greenwood: 19. Come Back Baby -   Luther & Little Eva: 20. Ain't Got No Home -   The Griffin Brothers feat. Margie Day: 21. Ace In The Hole -   Linda Hopkins: 22. My Loving Baby -   Louis Payne Orchestra 23. That's All Right With Me -   Priscilla Bowman: 24. A Spare Man -   The Enchanters: 25. Housewife’s Blues -

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