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Point Blank it's always remained among the top ten celebrated groups of Southern Rock. All those that discovered this handful of restive Texans at the end of the 1970s have kept a vivid souvenir. Though recent information on the group has been hard to come by, aficionados should be rest assured since Point Blank has now been reunited by three members of the original group : John O'Daniel (vocals), Rusty Burns (guitar), and Phillip Petty (bass), backed up by the John Mayall's former guitarist: J. Buddy Whittington. They've come back to celebrate a major event: the recording of their new live album that brings together nearly all the classic titles of their two legendary albums "Point Blank" and "Second Season". It's the return of the prodigal son !!!

Track Listing:
1. Back In The Alley - 4:43   2. Moving - 3:15   3. Nasty Notions - 3:29   4. Bad Bees - 2:48   5. Uncle Ned - 4:11   6. Stars & Scars - 6:56   7. Lone Star Fool - 4:11   8. Free Man - 5:43   9. Mean To Your Queenie - 5:03   10. Nicole - 3:45   11. Let Her Go - 4:04   12. How Blue Can You Get - 9:34   13. Thank You Mama - 1:42 

Rusty Burns (guitar, slide guitar, vocals) , John O'Daniel (vocals) , Phillip Petty (bass) , Buzzy Gruen (drums) , Bubba Keith (vocals, guitar, harmonica) , Buddy Whittington (guitar, vocals) , Jeff Williams (piano)

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