Dinning Sisters – Buttons And Bows: The Best Of The Dinning Sisters 1942-55 – 2CD


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The Dinning Sisters, comprising Lou, Jean and Ginger Dinning (Jean and Ginger were twins), were all born in the early 1920s in Kansas, and started singing together professionally in the late 1930s, basing their style on The Andrews Sisters. They won talent contests and got work on radio in Chicago in 1939, and did transcription recordings and “soundies” before a movie appearance led to their being signed by the newly-founded Capitol label in 1943 as the company’s answer to the Andrews Sisters. They enjoyed their heyday during 1947 and ’48 when they had a run of four hits in the Billboard chart. This 53-track 2-CD collection comprises selected A & B sides of their releases on the Capitol, Decca and Essex labels from these years, plus early transcription and soundie recordings. It features their hits “My Adobe Hacienda”, “I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now”, “I Beg Your Pardon” and “Buttons And Bow”, and includes recordings with Tex Ritter, Bob Crosby, Art Van Damme and Tennessee Ernie Ford. The group disbanded in 1955, so this collection offers a representative overview of their entire recording career before their style was largely overtaken by the advent of rock ‘n’ roll. They were a vivacious and versatile harmony group, and this collection is an entertaining showcase for their talents.

Track Listing:

The Dinning Sisters: 1. They Just Chopped Down The Apple Tree -   2. Pig Foot Pete -   Skip Farrell & The Dinning Sisters: 3. Homesick, That’s All -   4. Love Letters -   The Dinning Sisters: 5. Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia -   6. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone -   7. Aunt Hagar’s Blues -   8. Brazil -   9. The Way You Look Tonight -   10. Do You Love Me? -   11. Wave To Me My Lady -   12. Love On A Greyhound Bus -   13. The Iggidy Song -   14. And Then It’s Heaven -   15. Years And Years Ago -   16. My Adobe Hacienda -   17. If I Had My Life To Live Over -   18. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now -   19. Lolita Lopez -   20. And Mimi -   21. Beg Your Pardon -   22. Melancholy -   23. The Bride And The Groom Polka -   24. You’re A Character, Dear -   25. Buttons And Bows -

The Dinning Sisters: 1. San Antonio Rose -   2. Harlem Sandman -   The Dinning Sisters with The Art Van Damme Quintet: 3. Oh! Mo'nah -   4. I Get The Blues When It Rains -   Tex Ritter And The Dinning Sisters: 5. Cool Water -   The Dinning Sisters: 6. When The White Azaleas Start Blooming -   7. Down In The Diving Bell - Tex Ritter And The Dinning Sisters: 8. You Are My Sunshine -   The Dinning Sisters: 9. Once In Awhile -   Ginger, Jean & Dolores Dinning with Bob Atcher: 10. Christmas Island -   Dinning Sisters: 11. Kissing Song -   The Dinning Sisters: 12. Very Good Advice -   13. Strawberry Tears -   14. Tennessee Blues -   15. Dreamy Melody -   The Dinning Sisters with Bob Crosby: 16. Oklahoma Hills -   The Dinning Sisters: 17. Kiss Me Goodbye, Love -   18. Love Me Blues -   19. I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance -   20. Heartbreak Hill -   Tennessee Ernie and The Dinning Sisters: 21. Rock City Boogie -   The Dinning Sisters: 22. Whatsa Malla You (The Pidgin English Hula) -   23. I'm Lost -   24. As Long As I'm Dreaming -   25. They Didn't Believe Me -   The Dinning Sisters feat. Jean Dinning: 26. Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean -   The Dinning Sisters: 27. Hold Me Tight -