Convicted Felons – The Year Of The Ho Niggas Is Over

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Track Listing:
1. Mr. Robster’s Neighborhood - 4:55   2. C-Town Projects - 5:23   3. G's For Life - 4:55   4. Laurel Homes - 4:50   5. Neighborhood Pharmacist - 4:22   6. Project Child - 4:21   7. Bad Boys - 5:13   8. Creep Move - 4:02   9. Hellbound - 3:49   10. Pusherman - 5:14   11 . Hustlers Against Dirty Ass Cops - 4:15 

Michael Townser (bass) , Craig Love (guitar) , Byron Hood (keyboards) , Ali Andrews / Kidd Money (drum programming) , Basil Brener / Chris Nesbit (drums)


1. Amazon - Top Customer Reviews - Rich King's Breakfast Nook - May 12, 2005
Gold, pure gold
I remember working the fryer at Runza in 92 when Kroll told me there was a group a little birdie told him about called Convicted Felons getting ready to drop their first plate on the music world. Kroll was the first to tell me how awesome matchbox 20 was so I took his word for it that this convicted felons group would be top of the line. Boy howdy was he correct. He wasn't frontin at all. When I saw the album title, "The year of the Ho niggas is over" I knew this thing was going to be solid because I had been telling my friends that for weeks already. This thing comes out of the box on fire and keeps it going like Orel Hershiser in 88. I like all of the tracks except, "Pusherman" which made no sense in the flow of this joint. The best track on this and maybe the finest rap single ever release this side of Superbowl Shuffle is "Hustlers against Dirty ass cops". I had a hard time figuring out which side of the fence the convicted felons were on with this song because I'm extremely dumb, but the beat is doper than Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam playing Ibiza in 84. Yeah, you know it!! I bought this for my parents for Christmas and my dad, though 57 is totally down with this sound and the lyrics. He grew up in rural Nebraska and Chuck didn't front. Let that be a lesson to you kids in Fremont that think Gretna is not going to be a playa in Class B. Get this disc and increase the piece.