44 Max – Maxin’ With A Full-Clip

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Track Listing:
1. Second Without A Pause – 3:28   2. C.O.D.E. – 5:14   3. Hole Lotta Nonsense – 4:37   4. Tear The Lid Off – 4:17   5. Rewind The Future – 3:47   6. Dee, Watch My Back – 3:18   7. Political Frameup – 3:38   8. Measurement Of The Snucknose – 5:03   9. Players Rolling A Stone – 5:20   10. Both Barrels – 4:23   11. Pussh And Shove – 3:26   12. Confusion On The Inside – 4:23


1. AllMusic - Alex Henderson
A lot of the rap that was recorded in the Southeastern U.S. in the early '90s was hyper, fast-tempo bass music a la the 2 Live Crew, 95 South or Afro-Rican, but 44 Max was a Southern rap group that had no interest in performing bass. Recorded in Atlanta in 1991, Maxin' with a Full Clip has a lot more in common with Public Enemy and other "conscious rappers" of the Northeast than with bass music. 44 Max keeps its tempos slow, and the sociopolitical lyrics of tunes like "Hole Lotta Nonsense," "Political Frameup" and "Rewind the Future" are definitely on the positive tip. Steering clear of West Coast gangsta rap and Southern booty rhymes, 44 Max calls for black unity and preaches against drugs and black-on-black crime. Lyrically, this CD mines the same waters as Public Enemy and KRS-One -- Maxin' with a Full Clip isn't in a class with their best albums, but it's decent and demonstrates that 44 Max had some potential. Unfortunately, the group never got anywhere commercially.