William Bell – Greatest Hits – Vol. 2


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Track Listing:
1. Save Us - 3:34   2. You Don't Miss Your Water - 4:13   3. Private Number - feat: Rubi Burt - 3:15   4. Tribute to a King - 3:44   5. Happy - 3:44   6. Headline News - 3:55   7. I Need Your Love So Bad - 4:27   8. Eloise (Hang on in There) - 3:41   9. Lovin' on Borrowed Time - 4:21   10. Easy Comin' Out (Hard Goin' in) - 3:44   11. Everybody Loves a Winner - 5:19

William Bell (lead vocals, backing vocals) ,


1. AllMusic - Andrew Hamilton
William Bell's gentlemanly, deep soul sound, like fine wine, gets better with age. The 11 cuts include re-recordings of some of his Stax Records hits. His marvelous duet with Judy Clay, "Private Number," remains a crown jewel in his discography, and the new version is just as playful. Bell proves he still has strong pipes on the stately "I Need Your Love So Bad," and his tribute to the late Otis Redding, "A Tribute to a King," is as significant now as it was in the '60s. "Easy Coming Out" and "Everybody Loves a Winner" are two excellent examples of R&B. And the forewarning message in "You Don't Miss Your Water," Bell's signature song, still rings true. A good CD from an overlooked soul singer.



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