Various – Southern Bred 27 – Tennessee & Arkansas: Toodle Loo Tennessee



Visitation seven takes the final look at the states of Tennessee and Arkansas then departs with a chorus of "Toodle Loo Tennessee." The anthology ends as it began packed full of hot recordings from artists who changed the music world. The album includes dance-floor fillers from known and obscure artists, who were pivotal in the development of popular music.

Track Listing:
Louis Jordan: 1. Fire -   Big John Greer: 2. Ride Pretty Baby -   The Del-Rios: 3. Lizzie -   Little Willie John: 4. Come On Sugar -   The Kinglets with Leroy Thomas: 5. My Baby Don't Need Changing - Jackie Brenston: 6. Juiced -   George Smith: 7. Down In New Orleans -   Homesick James: 8. Can't Afford To Do It -   John Peak with (vocal) Erline Harris: 9. Long Tall Papa -   Louis Jordan: 10. The Jamf -   Al Wichard Sextette: 11. His Majesty’s Boogie -   Stick McGhee: 12. One Monkey Don't Stop The Show -   Larry Birdsong: 13. Somebody, Somewhere -   Jimmy Hurt: 14. You Know, Darling (I'm -In Love With You) -   Dee Clark: 15. Oh Little Girl -   Paul Williams with Jimmy Brown: 16. You're Breaking My Heart No More -   Willie Mabon: 17. I Got To Go -   Ike Turner, Carlson Oliver and Little Ann: 18. Box Top -   Lillian Offitt: 19. Shine On -   Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis (vocal) Henry Glover: 20. Mountain Oysters -   Jeb Stuart: 21. I Ain’t Never -   The Lyrics: 22. You And Your Fellow -   Bernie Hardison: 23. Too Much -   Leroy Jones: 24. Twistin The Night Away -   Larry Birdsong: 25. You'll Never Never Know -   The Seniors: 26. Sloo Foot Soo -   Johnnie Taylor: 27. Rome (Wasn't Built In A Day) -   Charlie and Rosie: 28. Toodle Loo Tennessee -