Various – More Boss Black Rockers 5: Sure Look Good To Me



Ladies, gentlemen, and anyone in between, after the massive (and I must say unexpected) success of the 10-volume series "Boss Black Rockers" I decided to get back to work and found 280 new tracks for a new series of ten killer volumes. I focused on stuff never or rarely heard anywhere else and also not already been used for other Koko-Mojo Records compilations. That was actually pretty easy. The hard part was finding a cool name for this new series. More often than not "Easy Does It" so I decided to simply (and cleverly) call it "MORE Boss Black Rockers".

Track Listing:
Speedoo And The Pearls: 1. Who Ya Gonna Kiss -   Paul Perryman: 2. Teen-Age Romeo -   The Dandevilles: 3. Nasty Breaks -   Ruth Brown: 4. Here He Comes -   The Teenos: 5. Alrightee -   The Moonglows: 6. Real Fina Mama -   Jerry Butler and The Impressions: 7. Sweet Was The Wine -   Dolly Cooper: 8. Big Rock Inn -   Bird Rollins: 9. Pretty Little School Girl -   Honeyboy Bryant: 10. Funny Looking Thing -   The Bluejays: 11. Leon Peels -   Joe Houston and His Rockets: 12. I Woke Up This Morning -   The Southlanders: 13. Penny Loafers & Bobby Sox -   Billy Williams: 14. Red Hot Love -   Pee Wee Kingsley: 15. Flippin' And A Floppin' -   Chubby Checker: 16. Runaround Sue -   Bob MacKey: 17. Shonuff' Miss Brown -   The Cyclones: 18. Give Me Love -   Otis Riley: 19. Sure Look Good To Me -   The Medallions: 20. Dance And Swing -   Shirley and Lee: 21. The Flirt -   Nolan Strong and The Diablos: 22. Do You Remember What You Did -   The Turbans: 23. B.I.N.G.O. -   The Edsels: 24. Bone Shaker Joe -   Varetta Dillard: 25. I Don't Know What It Is But I Like It -   The Meloaires: 26. You Know Baby -   The "5" Royales: 27. I Need Your Lovin' Baby -   Fats Domino: 28. Where Did You Stay Last Night -