Various – More Boss Black Rockers 4: Koko Joe



As y'all already know, so many similar projects were devoted through the years to white rock and rollers (even the most obscure and unknown) and very little to the people that not only "originated" this music and played it long before white musicians started to fool around with it. They also continued to play it when black Rhythm and Blues music was suddenly re-named "Rock and Roll" to appeal to a wider white audience in segregated America and became a multi-racial genre in the mid-1950s. Once again, some of these tunes are pretty well-known, but the vast majority are not.

Track Listing:
Big Al Downing: 1. Miss Lucy -   Bobby Day: 2. Teenage Philosopher -   Melvin Smith: 3. Zaki Su -   The Supremes: 4. Fidgety -   Larry Darnell: 5. Ramblin' Man -   The Blue Chips: 6. The Contest -   Bobby Martin: 7. Tootsie Roll -   Chuck Willis: 8. Kansas City Woman -   Guitar Jr.: 9. Roll, Roll, Roll -   Earl Wade: 10. I Feel So Bad -   Don And Dewey: 11. Koko Joe -   The Five Du-Tones: 12. The Flea -   Roosevelt Grier: 13. Lover Set Me Free -   Billy Ward and His Dominoes: 14. Jenny Lee -   Bo Diddley: 15. I'm Looking For A Woman -   "Scat Man" Crothers: 16. Rock Roma Rock It -   Little Joey and The Flips: 17. Bongo Stomp -   Little Willie John: 18. Let's Rock While The Rockin’s Good -   Fention Robinson with The Dukes: 19. Tennessee Woman -   Jack Hammer: 20. Girl, Girl, Girl -   The Tibbs Brothers: 21. (Wake Up) Miss Rip Van Winkle -   Joe McCoy and His Real McCoys: 22. Too Much Goin' On -   The Hollywood Flames: 23. Strollin' On The Beach -   Thurston Harris: 24. Do What You Did -   Danny Brown: 25. Chewing Gum -   The Travellers: 26. Teen Age Machine Age -   James Brown and The Famous Flames: 27. There Must Be A Reason -   King Sid and The Four Princes: 28. Unh Uh Baby -