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Jerome "Jerry" Leiber and Mike Stoller together crafted over 70 songs that became chart hits. Their collaboration as producers and songwriters helped define the sound of Rhythm & Blues, and Rock 'n Roll music. The Koko Mojo album Spotlight on Leiber and Stoller The R&B Recordings - Flip Our Wigs (KM-CD-157) is the first of two albums honouring the duo and showcases rockers from the golden years 1952 through 1963. The album includes productions for their Spark label, and their writing skills grace all but five titles, four of which are Spark label recordings, and the fifth is from a Jerry Leiber-produced album. Due to the abundance of their legacy, the album has an extra two recordings and contains thirty recordings. Most certainly there are several well-known versions of titles that are purposely omitted, for it is a safe assumption that most of you will have these already. Some titles appear on each of the two albums, all be it in different styles or arrangements and the concept of the albums is to show the adaptations of Leiber and Stroller's songwriting skills. True to Koko Mojo Records' undertaking we present something unexpected and a little bit different for you to discover. The second album The Songwriter Series, Leiber and Stoller, The Rockers -That Is Rock And Roll (ACCD117) will focus solely on titles the duo composed.

Track Listing:
Wynonie Harris: 1. Destination Love -   Frankie Marshall: 2. Just Say The Word -   The Drifters: 3. Drip Drop -   Ruth Brown: 4. Papa Daddy -   Milt Trenier: 5. Squeeze Me -   Ray Agee: 6. Wobble – Loo -   Young Jessie: 7. I Smell A Rat -   Garland The Great: 8. Tree Stump Jump -   Moose Jackson: 9. Nosey Joe -   The Sly Fox: 10. My Four Women -   Little Willie Littlefield: 11. K.C. Loving -   The Robins: 12. Ten Days In Jail -   LaVern Baker: 13. Saved -   The Robins: 14. I Must Be Dreaming -   Bobby Byrd: 15. Bippin' an' Boppin' -   Young Jessie: 16. Here Comes Henry -   Frankie Marshall: 17. Fanny Lou -   The Honey Bears: 18. One Bad Stud -   Little Esther: 19. Hollerin' And Screamin' -   Robert Byrd: 20. Strawberry Stomp -   The Drifters: 21. Fools Fall In Love -   Big Boy Groves: 22. I Gotta New Car -   Mister Ruffin: 23. Bring It On Back -   Milt Trenier: 24. Flip Our Wigs -   Linda Hopkins: 25. Get Off My Wagon -   Elton Anderson: 26. (Sorry) I'm Gonna Have To Pass -   Christine Kittrell: 27. I'm A Woman -   Scooby Doo All Stars: 28. Ernie’s Journey -   Roy Hamilton: 29. You Still Love Him -   Damita Jo: 30. I'll Be There -

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