Tim Wheeler and The Soul Shufflers – Stratisfier


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Back to the basics - or maybe Tim never left; he's still on his hog and crankin' out hard blues. This smokin' release is like having a Saturday night with good friends in a smoke filled bar. With misery and gin as well, you will swear that you are dipping your feet in the muddy delta. The CD is 10 tracks of pure Texas blues. The recording is down and dirty; which really brings out a live feeling that no fancy multiple overdubs can produce. "Tim does not really have the blues as in 'lets cry in our beer' blues, but what he does have is one hell of a set of licks. Tim Wheeler will be the next star in the Texas Blues Constellation." -Darin Wakeley. A personal pick of Elwood Blues!

Track Listing:
1. Stratisfier -   2. Good Looking Stranger -   3. Mindbender -   4. Guitar String Blues -   5. She Caught The Kat (And Left Me A Mule To Ride) -   6. She's So Strong -   7. Necessary To Go -   8. Automatic -   9. Give Me Back My Wig -   10. Primed -   

Tim Wheeler (guitar, vocals) , Steve Graham (bass, harp) , Sean Carr (bass)

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