Steve Washington – Just A Matter Of Time


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Steve Washington is a  superbly talented songwriter, producer and arranger who has created a string of stunning albums with Lucky Peterson. Now we have his own music – a unique mix of blues, soul and southern funk. On this album are the last recordings of the legend that will always be Lucky Peterson.

Track Listing:
1. Send Me -   2. Smile -   3. Blues Don’t Cost A Thing -   4. Just A Matter Of Time -   5. Starting Over Again -   6. Tomorrow -   7. Love Of Mine -   8. When I See You Again -   9. I’m Gonna Rest -   10. Knock Dat Coochie Out -   11. Lucky’s Blues Thought -   12. What Used To Be -

Steve Washington (vocals, drums, cajon, organ, backing vocals ) , Lucky Peterson (vocals on ‘Blues Don’t Cost A Thing’, piano on ‘Instrumental’, guitar solo and vocals on ‘Love Of Mine’) , Joshua D’Souza (bass, acoustic, lead guitar) , David Jones (acoustic & lead guitar) , Gerald Jones (mandolin) , Andrea Wallace (backing vocals on ‘When I See You Again’)