Sam Cooke – Spotlight On Sam Cooke: Movin’ And Groovin’ With


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The Koko Mojo Records Spotlight is shone onto Sam Cooke (he added the e to his last name in 1957 to signify a new start to his life) and looks at his involvement within the music world. The album does not rely upon his hit recordings, these are available on numerous albums, and in typical Koko Mojo style, and we sample the best of the rest. These recordings are equally as good and will allow fans of his music to add to their collection, not duplicate recordings. The album runs chronologically by year and looks at Cooke's secular and non-secular recordings, and then adds in some of Cooke's compositions recorded by other artists. The album commences with two fiery Specialty records gospel recordings from the early 1950s, Jesus Gave Me Water and Touch The Hem Of His Garment by The Soul Stirrers featuring Sam Cook as a vocalist. In 1957 he swapped to secular music and upon signing with the independent Keen label Cook became known as Sam Cooke. The fledgling label was newly formed by Los Angeles-based businessmen John and Alex Siamas. Cooke's first album simply titled Sam Cooke was released in 1958, and from here onwards his secular career was underway. In 1959 Cooke left Keen over a royalty dispute, and in 1960 he signed with RCA Victor and began writing blues, gospel-inflected songs, and from this period his chart career became more high profile. From his involvement with these labels the album showcases twenty recordings including; Win Your Love For Me, Running Wild, No One (Can Ever Take Your Place), Happy In Love, The Twist, and Shake, Rattle And Roll. Cooke was riding the crest of a wave and crossing over into the mainstream charts, and branched out into music production in 1961, and founded SAR Records, with Hamilton, Mississippi-bred J. W. Alexander and his manager, Roy Crain.

Track Listing:
The Soul Stirrers featuring Sam Cooke: 1. Jesus Gave Me Water -   2. Touch The Hem Of His Garment -   Sam Cooke: 3. Love You Most Of All –   4. Win Your Love For Me -   5. Running Wild -   6. Long, Long Ago -   7. Happy In Love -   8. Comes Love -   9. I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues -   10. May, Mary Lou -   11. No One (Can Ever Take Your Place) -   The Soul Stirrers (lead) Paul Foster: 12. Wade In The Water -   Sam Cooke: 13. If I Had You -   14. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot -   15. Just For You -   The Soul Stirrers (lead) Jimmy Outler: 16. Jesus Be A Fence Around Me -   The Soul Stirrers (lead) Paul Foster: 17. He's Been A Shelter For Me -   The Falcons: 18. Pow! You're In Love -   Sam Cooke: 19. Having A Party -   20. Movin' And Groovin'-   21. The Twist-   22. That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On -   23. A Whole Lotta Woman -   The Simms Twins: 24. The Smile -   Johnnie Taylor: 25. Rome (Wasn't Built In A Day) -   Sam Cooke: 26. Ain't That Good News -   27. Little Red Rooster -   28. Shake, Rattle And Roll -