Ronnie D – Blues Demon


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Track Listing:
1. Swear to Tell the Truth - 3:30   2. I'm Your Main Man - 6:55   3. Green Onions - 3:30   4. Just the Wind - 3:35   5. My Baby - 4:10   6. Don't Let My Baby Ride - 3:40   7. Take It Easy Baby - 4:55   8. Freeway Romancer - 4:35   9. The Pump - 3:24   10. Long Tall Sally - 3:29 


Ronnie D. (guitar, vocals) , Mark Doyle (guitars, keyboards) , Kim Simmonds (guitar) , Rich Yozzo (guitar) , Pete McMahon (harp, vocals) , Kim Lembo (vocals) , Mark Nanni (keyboards) , Dave Olson (drums) , Mark Tiffault (drums) , Steve Wargo (bass) , Paul Laronde (bass) , The Voodoo Horns (horns)




1. All Music - Cub Koda

Although the title of this album and its cover graphics will make you think you're in for some kind of bludgeoning blues-rock exercise of the most hamfisted kind, a quick listen will dispel those notions right quick. Ronnie D is one talented guitar player, definitely one who knows how to pace a solo, get interesting tones and put all the right BB's in the holes. It's incredibly refreshing to hear a modern-day blues album and hear someone playing who isn't aping Stevie Ray Vaughan, no matter how sincere their intentions might be. Mr. D has plenty to say on his instrument and is a better than capable vocalist; while his takes on other folks' material are interesting enough, his minor-key slow blues and mambo original "Just the Wind" and the romping instrumental "The Pump" merely whet your appetite for more. Here's hoping he brings more like it to the table on his next outing.