Papa Charlie Jackson – The Papa Charlie Jackson Collection 1924-34 – 3CD


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Papa Charlie Jackson was one of the first country blues artists to emerge from the minstrel, vaudeville and medicine shows to become a successful recording artist during the 1920s. Born in New Orleans in 1885, he sang and played banjo and guitar, working in travelling shows across the south before settling in Chicago, close to the hubs of commercial recording in the '20s. He largely recorded the kind of material he had been performing for years on the road, comprising blues in the bawdy tradition, often with a humorous flavour. This great-value 72-track 3-CD set comprising most of his recordings for Paramount, Vocalion and Okeh from his debut in 1924 through to 1934 - the era which encompassed his entire recording career prior to his death in 1938. As well as his solo recordings, it includes tracks done with the great blues singers Ida Cox and Ma Rainey, and with Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals, featuring Johnny Dodds, as well two unique sides with Blind Blake in 1929 comprising elements of blues jam session, hokum recording, and ragtime. It is a sunstantial, thorough and very entertaining overview of the career of a bluesman who was not maybe one of the genre's most historically important or influential figures, but who paved the way for many other blues artists to pursue successful recording careers.

Track Listing:

CD 1:
Charlie Jackson: 1. Papa's Lawdy Lawdy Blues -   2. Airy Man Blues -   3. Salt Lake City Blues -   4. Salty Dog Blues -   5. The Cats Got The Measles -   6. I Got What It Takes But It Breaks My Heart To Give It Away -   7. Shave Em Dry -   8. Coffee Pot Blues -   Ida Cox and Papa Charlie Jackson: 9. Mister Man Part I -   Papa Charlie Jackson: 10. The Faking Blues -   11. Shake That Thing -   Charlie Jackson: 12. I'm Alabama Bound -   13. Drop That Sack -   14. Mama Don't Allow It (And She Ain't Gonna Have It Here) -   15. Take Me Back Blues -   16. Mama, Don't You Think I Know? -   17. Hot Papa Blues -   18. All I Want Is A Spoonful -   19. Maxwell Street Blues -   20. I'm Going Where The Chilly Winds Don’t Blow -   21. Texas Blues -   Papa Charlie Jackson: 22. I'm Tired Of Fooling Around With You -   23. Jackson’s Blues -   Charlie Jackson: 24. Let's Get Along -   25. Butter And Egg Man Blues -

CD 2:
Charlie Jackson: 1. The Judge Cliff Davis Blues -   2. Mumsy Mumsy Blues -   3. Up The Way Bound -   4. Four Eleven Forty Four -   5. Your Baby Aint Sweet Like Mine - 6  . Bad Luck Woman Blues -   Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals: 7. Salty Dog -   Charlie Jackson: 8. Fat Mouth Blues -   9. Gay Cattin' -   10. Coal Man Blues -   11. She Belongs To Me -   12. Skoodle Um Skoo -   13. Sheik Of Desplaines Street -   14. Look Out Papa Don't Tear Your Pants -   15. Baby, Don't You Be So Mean -   Papa Charlie Jackson: 16. Blue Monday Morning Blues -   17. Bright Eyes -   Charlie Jackson: 18. I'm Looking For A Woman Who Knows How To Treat Me Right -   19. Long Gone Lost John -   Papa Charlie Jackson: 20. Ash Tray Blues -   21. No Need Of Knockin' On The Blind -   Charlie Jackson: 22. Baby Papa Needs His Lovin' -   23. I Like To Love My Baby -   Papa Charlie Jackson: 24. Lexington Kentucky Blues -

CD 3:
Papa Charlie Jackson: 1. Good Doing Papa Blues -   Ma Rainey and Papa Charlie Jackson: 2. Ma and Pa Poorhouse Blues -   3. Big Feeling Blues -   Papa Charlie Jackson: 4. Jungle Man Blues -   5. Corn Liquor Blues -   6. Don't Break Down On Me -   7. Baby Please Loan Me Your Heart -   8. Hot Papa Blues No. 2 -   9. We Can't Buy It No More -   10. Tailor Made Lover -   11. Take Me Back Blues No. 2 -   12. Tain't What You Do But How You Do It -   13. Forgotten Blues -   14. Papa Do Do Blues -   15. I'll Be Gone Babe -   Papa Charlie Jackson and Blind Blake: 16. Papa Charlie Jackson and Blind Blake Talk About It Part 1 -   17. Papa Charlie Jackson and Blind Blake Talk About It Part 2 -   Papa Charlie Jackson: 18. Self Experience -   19. You Got That Wrong -   20. You Put It In, I'll Take It Out -   21. If I Got What You Want -   22. Skoodle Um Skoo -   23. What's That Thing She’s Shaking -  

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