Napoleon Washington – Hotel Bravo


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A tasty acoustic slide resonator, recorded in a freight yard, under a bridge. How Blue is that? Deep, gutsy guitar and vocals, are accompanied by harp, bass and drums. This disc has received interest (and praise) from Bruce Iglauer at Alligator and Ruf Records, and certainly deserves a listen. Washington has toured in a previous incarnation as Raph Bettex of the Crawlin' Kingsnake Blues Band, (a Rock Bottom protégé). The blues has always been a part of this performer, it didn't just appear one day. This love of the blues is the gasoline Washington fills his tank with, and he's clearly running on a full tank. Very well-done artwork too.

Track Listing:
1. Same Steel - 3:23   2. Dance On My Grave - 4:27   3. A Hundred Days - 5:08   4. Green Missing - 3:14   5. Big Mama's Door - 3:39   6. River Of Tears - 4:35   7. Got Yesterday Behind - 3:41   8. Keep My Baby Satisfied - 2:47   9. Water Me - 2:50   10. Sweet Smile Of The Crocodile - 3:00   11. That I Know - 4:43   12. Left And Right - 3:13   13. Greyhound Meatballs - 3:13   14. Other Side Of The World - 3:45   15. Last Romance - 3:50

Napoleon Washington (guitar, vocals) , Bonny B. (harmonica) , Marc Waeber (double bass) , Marc O. Jeanrenaud (drums) , Diana Jirkuff (backing vocals)

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