Jay Willie Blues Band – Hell On Wheels

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An adventurous, funky cruise through nine soulful 1950s and 60s R & B gems and four earthy originals.

What you can rightfully expect is that all tracks will be funky and entertaining, with the classic cover songs being complimentary to the Jay Willie Blues Band originals. They have produced a better recording than the previous release by harnessing the musical talent and skills of the collective band. Malorie Leorgrande is amazing on the early R&B Classics and Jason Ricci always proves to impress with his unique harmonica playing. The band has been performing together for over a decade and includes some of New England’s most impressive performers.

Track Listing:
1. Willie and the Hand Jive - 3:26   2. The Horse - 2:48   3. Hell on Wheels - 3:34   4. You Left the Water Running - 2:56   5. Alive Again - 5:30   6. The Hunter Captured by the Game - 2:56   7. Take Me to the River - 3:39   8. This Is the Thanks I Get - 2:49   9. You'll Lose a Good Thing - 3:00   10. Everybody - 2:30   11. A Million Tears - 3:03   12. 21 - 4:37   13. The Horse [Instrumental] - 2:48

Jay Willie (guitar, slide guitar, vocals) , Malorie Leogrande (lead vocals) , Bob Callahan (guitar, vocals) , Ted Yakush (saxophone) , Steve Clarke (bass) , Jason Ricci (harmonica) , Bobby T Torello (drums, vocals)

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