J.B. Hutto – Bluesmaster

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JSP worked with JB Hutto twice. Two sets of gigs at London's 100 Club. One of them might have been a two-nighter. This was the late 1970's into the early 1980's when great Americans like him were coming in regularly for. He was a lovely man, a great performer and an interesting artist who really should have been a major legend. There was an approach to make a JSP album with him but he had commitments and would not do 'side deals' as some artists might ... When the chance occurred to acquire the rights to this session we did it eagerly. Who had the tapes' None other than Max Jones. If you are English and of a certain age you will remember Max as the Melody Maker's resident blues and jazz writer and a distinctive and eccentric looking figure on the scene. His writing career went back to the Thirties and he knew absolutely everyone and, it seemed, everything. We approached JB's widow, Lulabell Hutto to make sure all was fine with her and double check the legalities. She was pleased to see this set released. And if the origins of the session are slightly obscure the music gives us no mysteries - just good, rock solid JB Hutto Chicago Blues. Lovely stuff. Added to the six tracks on the album tape was a live track from the 100 Club, a really tough slow blues that seems not to exist in any other version. Added as bonus tracks here are three tracks by Johnny Littlejohnanother great Chicago slide man. These tracks were acquired from a Chicago producer and they last saw release on early JSP vinyl LP releases. Later Johnny would record directly for JSP; one of those great Soto Studio albums. But all this material is presented here on CD for the first time. The original releases probably went to pressings of a thousand or so, two thousand absolute maximum so the originals are not common Music, then, that may be a surprise to many.

The core of this album is sourced from tapes that had been forgotten and unplayed for several decades. Now we’re aware that Hutto’s generation of Chicago bluesmen was one of the most dynamic and creative, those tapes excite new interest.
They don’t disappoint. Here’s a slide king doing his inimitable stuff - playing solid blues.
Johnny Littlejohn? Like JB Hutto, he was part of that vibrant Chicago blues community which kept the faith in the lean times of the 1970s and 1980s. They did it by a combination of art, honesty, energy and dazzling talent. Here Littlejohn demonstrates that and more.

Track Listing:
1. Look On Yonders Wall - 3:47   2. Two Headed Woman - 5:04   3. You Sure Hurt Me Bad - 5:24   4. Hip Shakin’ - 3:49   5. Screamin‘ And Crying - 5:21    6. Shake Rattle & Roll - 3:47    7. Howling Wolf Blues - 6:51   Johnny Littlejohn: 8. What In The World - 3:14   9. Can’t Be Still - 2:29   10.Bloody Tears - 2:42

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