Fathead – Fatter Than Ever

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"Fathead has proved to be a constant in the blues world – a reliable source of organic, goodtime commentary on all the follies of human nature" – LIVING BLUES

"Fathead play like a band at the top of their game and you owe it to yourself to lend 'em an ear" – BLUEPRINT (Britain)

 Track Listing:
1.I Don't Want To Leave The Party - 3:19   2. Johnny Saysy - 3:59   3. Take A Little Time For Yourself - 4:44   4. Evil Eye - 4:01   5. Twenty Second Chances - 4:11   6. When Did You Ever? - 3:41   7. Slippery Slope - 5:27   8. Life Goes On - 3:00   9. My Brother - 4:16   10. Better Off Taking Chances - 3:33   11. Shoot That Rooster - 3:15   12. Pinching Pennies - 3:15   13. Preacher Man - 3:18   14.Throw Me A Bone  3:18   15.Cost To Boogie - 3:41

John Mays (lead vocals) , Al Lerman (harmonica, saxophones, acoustic & electric guitar, resonator guitar, vocals) , Omar Tunnoch (bass, vocals) , Papa John King (guitars, vocals) , Bucky Berger (drums, percussion, vocals) , Alec Fraser (bass on 4) , Lance Anderson (piano on 1,10,11, Hammond B3 organ on 5,6,14) , Denis Keldie (Hammond B3 organ on 13)

Recorded at The Rhythm Ranch, Toronto and Liquid, Toronto, 2013-2014
Additional recording at The River, Havelock and Make It Real Keys, Orillia

Reviews :

1. 2015.04.05
Fathead es una de las mejores y más importantes bandas de blues de Canadá, con muchos años de carretera a sus espaldas y un bagaje impresionante en lo que a tocar blues se refiere y cuando digo blues, digo blues, sin incursiones a otros terrenos, ni sofisticaciones de ningún otro calibre. Fathead reúne a algunos de los músicos mas prestigiosos de la escena del blues canadiense. John Mays canta e imprime mucho feeling y credibilidad a las letras de las canciones, mientras Al Lerman añade el virtuosismo y el temple de su armónica, además del saxo y la guitarra Resonator. Todo ello perfectamente ensamblado por el sólido bajo de Bob ‘Omar’ Tunnoch y la increíble y poderosa batería de Bucky Berger, sin olvidarnos de Papa John King que, en este álbum, debuta como nuevo miembro y guitarrista de los Fathead (de hecho durante veinte años Papa había acompañado al legendario cantante y guitarrista británico y gran amigo de Rod Stewart, Long John Baldry y que estuvo viviendo en Canadá hasta su fallecimiento). Poderoso y energético viaje por el blues, sazonado con elementos del rhythm and blues, funky, gospel, soul y algunos detalles de rock ans roll es la propuesta altamente recomendable con la que el grupo nos invita a degustar en este nuevo trabajo llamado “Fatter Than Ever”. MUY BUENO.

Fathead is one of the best and most important blues bands in Canada, with many years on he road and an impressive baggage in playing blues and only blues, that is to say, blues without driving it to other different sophisticated lands. Fathead brings together some of the most prestigious musicians of Canadian blues scene. John Mays gives a lot of feeling and credibility to the song lyrics, while Al Lerman adds virtuosity and passionate strength to his harmonica, besides playing saxophone and Resonator guitar. They are perfectly supported by the powerful bass of Bob 'Omar' Tunnoch and the incredible beat of drummer Bucky Berger, without forgetting Papa John King who debuts with this album as Fathead new member and guitarist (in fact Papa played for more that twenty years with legendary British singer and guitarist and Rod Stewart’s great friend, Long John Baldry who lived in Canada until he passed away). Powerful energetic trip around the blues, seasoned with elements of rhythm and blues, funk, gospel, soul, and some drops of rock roll is what you will find on this highly recommended proposal Fathead invites us to enjoy along this new very interesting work called "Fatter Than Ever". GREAT.

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