Enrico Crivellaro with James Harman & Finis Tasby – Key To My Kingdom


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Hands down the best young guitarist I have heard in the past year doesn’t hail from Chicago or Memphis but from Padova, Italy. Enrico Crivellaro has been hard at work both paying his dues and making a name for himself in blues music. You may know him from his stint as James Harman’s axeman or from his work with the Royal Crown Revue, where he won the coveted “Swing Guitarist of the Year Award”. Here at Electro-Fi we are delighted to release this CD. Enrico Crivellaro is a name you will be hearing for a long time to come.

Track Listing:
1. You're In For A Big Surprise – 4:32   2. Drinkin' Cheap Champagne (From A Dixie Cup) – 3:11   3. Key To My Kingdom – 3:21   4. Walkin' And Walkin' – 6:21   5. The 'In' Crowd – 4:06   6. Rain Is A Bringdown – 3:48   7. Black Jack – 5:34   8. Stand By – 4:46   9. Train To Venice – 3:56   10. Help Me Flip Another Flop – 4:40   11. Black Coffee – 5:57 12. Makin' Money – 3:59

Enrico Crivellaro (guitar) , Finis Tasby (vocals on 1,3,4,6,8,12) , James Harman (vocals on 2,10) , Bruce Katz (piano, Hammond B3 organ) , Alex Schultz (lead guitar on 10, rhythm guitar on 12) , Scott Steen (trumpet) , Jeff Turmes (tenor saxophone) , Rick Reed (bass) , Steve Mugalian (drums)

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