Craig Chaquico – Fire Red Moon


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Craig Chaquico, platinum-selling guitarist and songwriter with Jefferson Starship and chart-topping Smooth Jazz solo artist, takes a walk on the bluesier side of the street with the release of his Blind Pig debut, Fire Red Moon.

From the radio-friendly opening track, “Lie To Me,” (with vocal by Noah Hunt of the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band) to the thunderous conclusion of Robert Johnson’s “Crossroads,” Chaquico explores the thoroughfares and back alleys where blues and rock intersect.  There’s an instrumental version of Albert King’s signature tune, “Born Under A Bad Sign,” a rousing cover of Muddy Waters’ “Rollin’ And Tumblin’,” and sterling originals that echo the sounds of blues/rock forerunners such as Cream, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, and Steely Dan.  There’s even an instrumental tune entitled “Blue On Blue” that would appeal to Craig’s many smooth jazz fans.

Track Listing:
1. Lie To Me - 4:37   2. Devil's Daughter - 4:25   3. Born Under a Bad Sign - 4:53   4. Bad Woman - 6:21   5. Rollin' and Tumblin' - 3:07   6. Fire Red Moon - 3:32   7. Little Red Shoes - 5:27   8. Blue On Blue - 5:28   9. Fogtown Stroll - 4:41   10. Crossroads - 4:42

Craig Chaquico (vocals, guitars) , Noah Hunt (vocals) , Eric E. Golbach (vocals, background vocals) , Rolf Hartley (guitar, vocals, background vocals) , Jim Reitzel (bass) , Bill Heller (Hammond B3, keyboards, piano) , Bill Slais (vocals, keyboards) , Wade Olson (drums, percussion, vocals)


1. Twangville
"Craig Chaquico has made the transition from ethereal to earthy in his first blues album. On Fire Red Moon, Chaquico shows that he can master the blues. If he continues to pursue the blues he will fast became a fan favorite."

2. Relix
"On Fire Red Moon, it's full-on kick ass time again. The blues-heavy set features vocalist Rolf Hartley wailing on a mix of tunes co-penned by Chaquico and-standard-but-never-old covers like "Born Under a Bad Sign", "Rollin' and Tumblin" and "Crossroads." Those who miss his softer side can find traces of it in the instrumental "Blue on Blue," but Fire Red Moon leaves no doubt that this always-masterful player has returned to plugged-in mode for real."

3. Blues Music Magazine
"Chaquico, who came of age in the polyglot-rock atmosphere of turn-of-the-1970s San Francisco, clearly has a deep affinty for blues and rootsier music, as well. Chaquico stakes his claim in yet another musical genre, and even though he just arrived, already sounds right at home. "