Chris Vandercook – Blue Skies


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On these songs, his guitar is as much of a storyteller as his voice -- snaking in and out of the foreground, commenting on the tall tales that unfold. His vocals convey a rueful acceptance of the facts of life: keeping it simple, letting the lyrics do their job. Added vocal inspiration comes from jazz diva Azure McCall -- an artist who makes every song her own. Influences can be heard from the worlds of jazz, Chicago Blues, Memphis Soul, country, and early rock'n' roll, with a guitar style that builds on the legacies of the Three Kings (B.B., Albert, and Freddy) and soul masters Cornell Dupree and Bobby Womack. Although his music is steeped in tradition, there's no attempt to stay within boundaries here. For Vandercook, the blues can carry any number of messages, any number of ways.

Track Listing:
1. Midnight Believer – 5:16   2. Never Make Your Move Too Soon – 3:08   3. Feels Like Rain – 4:32   4. The Things I Used To Do – 3:58   5. Shoe On The Other Foot – 3:03   6. As The Years Go Passing By – 4:14   7. Im Tore Down – 2:57   8. Polk Salad Annie – 3:14   9. Night Life –   10. I'll Play The Blues For You – 3:20   11. Rainy Night In Georgia - 3:48