Bluerunners – The Chateau Chuck

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Track Listing:
1. Turn It Off - 3:10   2. Invitation - 4:52   3. No Reaction - 3:58   4. Burn up the Night   - 4:04   5. Coming Down - 2:56   6. Judgement Day - 2:33   7. Go on Get Out - 4:48   8. Solid Sound - 3:43   9. Time Being - 3:53   10.   Stuck - 5:32

Steve LeBlanc / Russ Broussard / Rob Savoy / Mike McBane / Mark Meaux,


1. AllMusic
This hard-working group has come forth with a blend of cajun music and rock & roll: think the Rolling Stones getting lost in the swamp. This incarnation of the group is anchored by Mark Meaux, who seems to be the driving force, and the only constant in their changing lineups; yet there is no letup in the intensity or direction of the music. This band's music can be called whatever you wish, even at times straight country, "Go on Get Out" (even the title is straight from country music), but whatever it is called, it is still hard and straight-ahead with no wasted frills. There is great use of the cajun fiddle (think Michael Doucet, who plays on this disc) accordion, jangling guitars, and some powerful drumming that powers the disc. Unfortunately if you are a purist and want to know who played what and when, you will not find out from the liner notes. However if you are looking for an interesting disc with many shifts and some good songwriting (all cuts written by the band except one) this is a disc to locate.