Big Al Jano’s Blues Mafia Show – Lady That Digs The Blues


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Big Al Jano's Blues Mafia Show is not your "typical" blues band, one with the obligatory strong front man or woman and an inhomogeneous assortment of back-up musicians. Quite the contrary, the boss of this well-dressed mob creates a "mini-blues revue" by giving each of his musical henchmen equal time at center stage. Big Al believes that this keeps the show moving and the ear candy stimulating in this day of audiovisual SoundBits. This is one of the best blues acts around combining a mix of blues, R&B, 50's rock 'n' roll, doo-wop and swing. For an album that has the right mix of styles, humor and dance grooves, ya can't do much better than this slick disc.

Track Listing:
1. Problems of My Own - 3:50   2. Lucille - 3:03   3. Good Enough Excuse - 3:22   4. Heart of Stone - 5:12   5. Cherie, Cherie - 3:58   6. Give It Everything We Got - 3:00   7. Lady That Digs the Blues - 3:31   8. The Quest 8:26   9. Cyberspace Sadie 4:08   10. Chiquita Margaritta 4:02   11. Shopping At the Supermarket 4:19   12. The Hot Dog Man - 3:17 

Big Al Jano (bass, vocals) - Butch Cooper (crums, vocals) , Rick Ware (guitar, vocals) , Daniel Summers (guitar, vocals) , Keith 'Foots' Andersen (keyboards, vocals) , K.C. Conte (harmonica on 1,2) , Nick Longo (alto saxophone on 4,10) , John Longo (tenor saxophone on 4,10) , Trent Mayo (guitar on 7) , Kenzie Warren (background vocals on 6) , The Hottrax Horn Section on 8: Jay Himmel (saxophone) , Buddy Norman (trumpet) , Jim Woolbright (trombone)