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In his forty-year career in the music business, Aron Burton has earned his title as the ultimate right-in-the-pocket bass player, backing such blues luminaries as the late Freddy King, Jimmy Witherspoon, Junior Wells, Jimmy Walker, Billy Boy Arnold, and Albert Collins, among many others. This new CD (his second Earwig recording) is knee-deep in traditional blues with a little bit of soul thrown in for good measure.

"Aron Burton Live stands with the best of them. With the exception of two studio tracks, the album was recorded live last year at Buddy Guy's Legends and features guest appearances by harpist Lester Davenport and vivacious vocalist Liz Mandville Greeson. Vocals are spread amongst the band members, which is appropriate because Burton's avowed goal is to present a blues revue that puts the spotlight on all the stage talent. Aron Burton Live is a sterling example of just how good Chicago blues can still be...." -Illinois Entertainer

Track Listing:
1. Found My Baby Gone - 5:46   2. Little Red Rooster - 6:19   3. Ah'w Baby - 4:45   4. Evenin' Sun Goin' Down - 4:02   5. Fever - 4:59   6. Hound Dog - 4:49   7. Cold, Cold Feeling - 6:01   8. I'm Just a Natural Man - 4:28   9. The River's Invitation - 6:11   10. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man - 5:31   11. Snatch It Back and Hold It - 6:19   12. The Blues Is to Me - 5:37   13. Two Way Street - 6:22

Aron Burton (vocals, bass) , Michael Dotson (vocal on 11, guitar) , Allen Batts (vocal on 9, electric piano) , Kenny Smith (vocal on 10, drums) , 'Mad Dog' Lester Davenport (vocal on 3,4, harmonica) , Liz Mandville Greeson (vocals on 5,6)


1. AllMusic - Scott Yanow
Veteran bassist Aron Burton, after nearly four decades as a greatly in-demand sideman in the blues world, finally put together his own band in the early '90s. This CD, his third recording as a leader, is very much a blues revue in the spirit of Johnny Otis. Burton sings on six of the 13 songs, sharing the vocal mike with guitarist Michael Dotson, keyboardist Allen Batts, drummer Kenny Smith, the fine harmonica player Lester Davenport and (on extroverted versions of "Fever" and "Hound Dog") Liz Mandville-Greeson. Instrumentally, Burton sounds quite happy to liberally feature his sidemen and play a supportive role. Although all of the players fare well, each one displaying a strong musical personality, the high-powered guitarist Dotson often takes honors, demonstrating that he is a highly expressive and up-and-coming bluesman. Whether it be warhorses or newer material, the Aron Burton show keeps moving and never loses one's interest. Recommended.

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