Amos Garrett – Michigan Water Blues

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A taste of Ry Cooder with the "laidback style" of J.J. Cale ! 

Track Listing:
1. She Don't Go Nowhere ('Till The Stars Come Out At Night) - 2:34   2. Sam’s Song - 5:04   3. Perfume And Tobacco - 4:03   4. Judgement Day - 3:15   5. Hong Kong Blues - 2:51   6. Michigan Water Blues - 3:00   7. I Hate Myself - 3:10   8. Bailey Hill Requiem - 2:43   9. Always Got Your Hands On That Guitar - 3:25   10. Grasshoppers In My Pillow - 3:00   11. Small Fry - 3:18   12. Some Musician Was To Blame - 3:40

Amos Garrett (vocals, 6 & 12 string guitars) , Ken Whiteley (banjo, accordion, guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, percussion) , David Wilkie (mandocello, mandolin, vocal on 2) ,  Victor Bateman / John Hyde (bass) , Chris Whiteley (trumpet) , Bucky Berger (percussion) , Brently Titcomb / Chick Roberts / Dave Lang, David Wall / Eve Goldberg / Liam Titcomb / Sandy Crawley / Victor Bateman (chorus, background vocals) 

Liner notes:
Amos Garrett certainly is one of the most accomplished guitar player working today. He's unique, with his fluid and so easy style, his magic triple bends, his melodic inventions and his strange baryton voice. He's one of the main Mark Knopfler influences and he has recorded with Paul Butterfield, Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell. After almost eight years of waiting Amos has finally completed his last project. Here is his brand new album "Michigan Water Blues". It¹s a heart warming & beautiful nostalgia trip back to the golden days ! Amos plays mainly jazz hollowbody and acoustic guitar, with the help of virtuoso player David Wilkie on mandolin, Ken Whiteley on second guitar & production plus an ace upright bass player (Victor Bateman), all contributing to backing vocals, harmonizing much like the Mills brothers ! Material recorded consist of classics but mainly rather obscure blues songs from the 30's & the 40's like « Perfume & Tobacco », « Judgement Day », « Hong Kong Blues », « She don't go nowhere » or « Grasshopper ». They all suit so well his deep and warm baritone voice ! They even pretend to do some tap dancin' on Sad Song ! It ranges from Big Bill Broonzy to Hoagy Carmichael with a solid dose of humour (like always with Garrett !): check « I hate myself », a true little gem ! Most of his younger fans will discover a new side of his playing he didn¹t use since the glorious Amos & Geoff (Muldaur) days, an acoustic instrument approach that gives him the freedom to show other facets of his unique style, even evoking sometimes Django Rheinhart with a twist ! Guitar player magazine : "One of the most lyrical and original guitarists playing today...his single note solos and melodic figures are so distinctive that it is virtually impossible to mistake them for anyone else's." Chet Atkins : "One of the best solos I ever heard (Midnight at the Oasis)"

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