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Mississippi Hillbillies


In the ‘Golden Age’ of sound recording (early 1920s to mid 1930s) brilliant rural musicians were recorded for all to…

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Barrelhousin’ Around Chicago

The Legendary George Paulus 1970’s Recordings


The Blues world has legends and creative giants – but there’s also genuine ‘folk’ performers who played clubs, bars, barber…

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Albanian Music From 78s | 1924-1948


“A rarely opened musical universe that becomes deeper and more soulful with every listen.” Joe Boyd A unique and masterful…

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Fenton Robinson

Out Of Chicago

The Chicago Blues Master

Live And Studio Sessions 1989/92

“A unique performer and stylist with an instantly recognizable style and sound.  Sophisticated, but still deeply Blues as guitarist, singer…

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Judy Garland

The Best Of Lost Tracks 2


The JSP series of Judy Garland reissues have been compiled by some of her most knowledgeable and fanatical collector fans….

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Archie Edwards & Dr. Ross

Piedmont Blues Meets Mississippi Delta Blues

This CD is dedicated to Richard Chalk, August 24th 1952 – September 14th 2019, RIP Produced by John Angelatos /…

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Super Chikan & Terry Harmonica Bean

From Hill Country Blues To Mississippi Delta Blues

Track Listing: Super Chikan: 1 . Tin Top Shak – 5.31   2. Down In The Mississippi Delta (Tribute To Muddy…

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Rhythm Bombs

Better Be Ready

The title, Better Be Ready, says it all – you’ll need to adopt the brace position before you’re blown away…

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Emile & The Ecstatics

Bit By Bit

Third album by this promising young band from Sweden. They are conquering Europe by storm with their high-energy, rootsy blend…

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H.T. Roberts

Fingernail Moon

Track Listing: 1. Woodsmoke – 4:14   2. Nightingale Floors – 4:18   3. Do Right By Maria – 5:17   4. Massey…

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